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Cormac health and safety incident inquiry

In December 2016, there was an incident at a Cormac depot at Grampound Road that left a Cormac highways safety inspector with a serious injury - a fractured skull and broken shoulder. Nobody is sure what happened. No proper investigation took place to establish what happened.
I found out about the incident only some months later. I have been pursuing this case for nearly four years. For further information about the case, see my legacy website at Cormac incident.
Finally, in December 2020, the Leader of Cornwall Council announced that an independent inquiry would be set up to try to establish what happened and to look at what actions Cormac took, or did not take, at the time and subsequent to the incident.
On 22 February 2021, I was interviewed at length by Dominic Adamson, QC, who is leading the inquiry. Other persons from Cormac and Cornwall Council will be interviewed by Mr Adamson.
It is hoped that the results of his inquiry will be announced before the end of March.

March 2021

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