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This page features news items of potential interest to local residents.
It continues what has been previously published on the legacy website of
For news stories from 2011 to February 2021, please see that website.

August 2022: Tap on/Tap off now operational on Cornwall’s buses. Read more.
July 2022: Tweet summarising the Tory leadership process. Read more.
July 2022: New website that exposes the shenanigans around tax avoidance. Read more
July 2022: Government consultation on short-term lettings regulations. Read more
June 2022: Errors on website - do not use. Read more
April 2022: Bus timetables changing 10 April; but reduced fares on all routes. Read more
January 2022: Bus tickets interchangeable between operators on same route. Read more
25 October 2021: Further bus timetable changes from 31 October. Read more
8 October 2021: Scrutiny committee will not investigate allegation of lying. Read more
October 2021: Cost of QC report revealed. Read more
28 September 2021: Bob accuses Corserv M.D. of lying to inquiry. Read more
September 2021: changes to bus timetables on local routes. Read more
3 August 2021: Cormac incident report published. Read more
9 July 2021: Cormac incident: QC review likely to find Cormac not dishonest. Read more
June 2021: Parliamentary boundaries review. Read more
12 May 2021: Probus Shindig 12-13 June. Read more
8 May 2021: Parish council election results. Read more
May 2021: Government guidance on easing of lockdown. Read more
7 May 2021: Cornwall Council election results. Read more
9 April 2021: nominations for elections published. Read more
8 April 2021: changes to lockdown rules from 12 April. Read more
31 March 2021: changes to garden waste collection routes. Read more
29 March 2021: updated Covid rules from 29 March. Read more
March 2021: residents encouraged to apply for postal votes. Read more
March 2021: Council tax rise for 2021/22. Read more
March 2021: Cormac health and safety incident. Read more

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