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Tap on/tap off now operational on Cornwall’s buses

Following on from the introduction of interchangeability of tickets between bus operators at the start of 2022, and the bus fares pilot with significantly reduced fares in April, the latest innovation in bus transport in Cornwall is the facility to use tap on/tap off rather than buying a ticket.

Passengers wanting to use this system need only tap on the ticket machine with their bank card or smart device as they get on the bus, and then tap off just before they get off the bus. Please note that passengers must use the same card or phone for every time that they tap on and off.

A passenger can make as many journeys as they wish in a day and at the end of the day, they are debited with £5 just as if they had purchased an all-day, all Cornwall £5 ticket from the driver. Furthermore, if the passenger uses the buses more than 4 days in any 7-day period, they will only be charged £20 in total, the same as if they had bought the one-week, all Cornwall ticket.

Passengers should not use tap on/tap off if they only plan to take short journeys within a town zone because, in this case, it would be cheaper to buy a town zone all day ticket at £2.50. It is intended that, in due course, the system will be upgraded to allow this differential pricing.

Note also, that tap on/tap off is applicable only to persons paying the adult fare. At the moment, there is not a facility to apply children’s fares. The system also can only deal with single users. Families wishing to avail themselves of the family ticket of Cornwall wide for £10 for 2 adults and their children must buy that ticket from the bus driver.

For further information on Tap and Cap, see Transport for Cornwall website
and scroll down the page to Tap and Cap.

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