Bob Egerton provides services in the following areas:
• Business advice, consultancy, support and project implementation.
• Cornwall representative for a land surveying company.
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Bob was a Cornwall Councillor representing the electoral division of Probus, Tregony and Grampound from 2009 to 2021.
He is currently a parish councillor on Tregony with Cuby Parish Council.
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Cornwall Buses
Bob has set up a website providing information about bus services in Cornwall. The purpose of the website is to encourage more people in Cornwall to use buses rather than their cars so that the bus network would become more sustainable and the overall carbon emissions of the transport system in Cornwall would be reduced.

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Bob has been involved in a variety of campaigns over the years. In particular, he was a key figure in the campaign from 2004 to 2009 against the punitive penalty charges that banks used to impose on their less well off customers for minor infringements of overdraft limits. He also fought a long campaign against Cormac, the Cornwall Council owned highways company, for the appalling way in which they treated an employee who suffered a life-changing injury in the workplace. For further information 🔗

Links to other websites
Bob manages the website of Grampound Carnival Committee. He is also the primary person keeping the website of Tregony with Cuby Parish Council up to date. There are websites managed by other volunteers providing useful information about local facilities in the Grampound area
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News and blog
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